Ever After Music Festival 2016 Brunette Girl Stare during Jauz set

Ever After Music Festival 2016 – Day Rave

Colours and Sounds - Ever After Music Festival 2016 Day 2

Ever After Music Festival 2016 is for lovers of high energy Music and Dance

Ever After Music Festival 2016 can be explained in one sentence.  20+ International and Local DJ / Producers form an epic 3 day lineup, and drop dope beats at Bingemans Fairgrounds, while easy-on-the-eyes, music fanatics, shuffle the night away (for three nights).
In a very real sense, this Kitchener Music Festival is branded in a perfect way.  “Ever After” is clearly the truncated version of “Happily Ever After”, which accurately describes the vibes (rhymes not intended) of the music event.
Ever After Music Festival is definitely a day rave paradise. Festival goers defined a dress code that left zero to the imagination, further adding to the heat of the event.  Sun waves blasted down on the festival with the same intensity as the sound waves that thrust through industrial grade speakers.  On this afternoon, talented artists like GhastlyCashmere Cat and Marshmello, provided fuel in the form of sound that kept beautiful bodies bouncing and nimble feet shuffling.
This is what music looks like.
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